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Palm organizer emulator on Android running tessellation

Configure phem

Install Tessellation

Tessellation for the Palm on your palm emulator

Tessellation for the iPad

New features

  • 4 random colors based on color wheel
  • fit figure inside screen button
  • even works on iOS 4
  • screen orientation

Tessellation for the iPad

Download Tessellation on your iPhone or iPad!

Tessellation for the iPhone 2012

Tessellation for the iPhone (and works on the iPad) is almost finished. New functionality:

  • Save to Album
  • Fit figure inside edit screen
  • 4 colors!

Tessellation for the iPhone

Tessellation for Android

A very long time ago when java 1.0.2 was released and java applets were hot java. I made a Tessellation applet. I ported it to modern java and android.

Tessellation for Android

Tessellations in the App Store

Tessellations is now available in the App Store.

Download Tessellation on you iPhone or iPad!

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